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June, 2007

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I'm a Program Manager in the Media Center Devices group, although I've been working for the last several years in Windows on the video renderers and playback infrastructure. My aim with this blog is to post some interesting topics on the direction media is taking, and get some insight and feedback from the community.

In a sentence: If it does media, I want to talk about it!

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    Pika Me

    It’s no secret that there’s a new version of Media Center Extender that will be shipping soon (codenamed Pika). I just started using a prototype device at home, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed so far. I’m an avid 360/MCX user, and while I...
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    WMP is going on Safari...

    It looks like Apple has listed our WMP Firefox plug-in on their Safari page… I sure hope they tested that scenario before they listed it… If anyone’s tried this and gotten it to work (or not), I’d be...
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