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  • Blog Post: WMP FireFox Plug-in at 6.1M Downloads

    I just checked over with the Port 25 guys, and we are at 6.1 million downloads for the FireFox plug-in as of yesterday - nice! Congrats again to the team for pulling this together!
  • Blog Post: Firefox documentation is coming!

    It's been taking a little longer than expected, but the updated documentation for the Firefox plug-in is on its way... it will be posted to msdn once it's finished. I have an unofficial FAQ I can send out to anyone who wants more info on the supported design time parameters and scripting interfaces while...
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Player on Firefox

    Alright, you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief as I am actually posting a blog entry. The delayed posting I think is worth it: today we are releasing a new Firefox plug-in for WMP! We’ve been tracking the issues in the forums about WMP showing some odd aspect ratio issues, as well as other...
  • Blog Post: Video card anyone?

    The million dollar question these days seems to be what video card people should buy to watch high-definition video on Windows Vista. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve answered this question… well you get the point. So I’m just going to post this info and start pointing people here. Laptops don...
  • Blog Post: Building a playback app (DShow vs. MF vs. OCX)

    If you want to add audio/video playback capabilities to your Windows application, you have several options to choose from. For tighter control, you can take advantage of the API exposed in lower-level infrastructure components, like DirectShow, the Format SDK, or Media Foundation. If you just want generic...
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