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June, 2004

  • .NET4Office

    A quick look at adding view controls and managed controls at runtime

    One late breaking feature in VSTO 2.0 is known as dynamic controls. This is a feature that allows you to add managed controls (think buttons, labels, calendar controls) and view controls (think controls that are 'built-in' to the host like Range and ListObject...
  • .NET4Office

    Where do you want F5 to go today

    VSTO 2.0 has an interesting feature that lets you decide whether Visual Studio or Excel/Word handle accelerator keys you press (like F5). Because of VSTO 2.0's feature where the Excel document opens inside of the Visual Studio frame, there is some...
  • .NET4Office

    More VSTO 2.0 Managed Controls

    So you've (hypothetically) installed VSTO 2.0, you create a new Excel project, and you drag and drop a managed windows forms button onto the Excel worksheet. How does this magic work? The first clue is seen in the formula bar. You might see this text...
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