Didn't get to go to the Office Developer Conference this year?  Well, good news, all the videos of the conference are now on the web at http://msdn.microsoft.com/office/learn/conferences/default.aspx

Here are the VSTO specific sessions:

  • CD308—Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office: Overview and Application-Level Add-ins

    Presenter: Andrew Whitechapel; 67 minutes (187 MB)
    Find out what’s coming up in VSTO v3, and learn to create application-level add-ins, application-level task panes, and custom ribbons.

  • CD309—Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office : XML File Formats and Document-Level Customizations

    Presenter: Eric Carter; 72 minutes (230 MB)
    Learn how VSTO enables you to access and manipulate business data embedded in the new file formats without Office running on the server. 

  • CD401—Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office: Creating a Multi-Tier Application

    Presenter: John Durant; 69 minutes (288 MB)
    Learn how to create multi-tier applications using Web services, business objects, data objects, SQL server, and VSTO 2005.

  • CD402—Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office: Building and Deploying a Server Application

    Presenter: Darryn Lavery; 71 minutes (314 MB)
    Learn to design and develop an Office application that enables offline use, as well as use MSIs to deploy your solutions.