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Scheming for my next Phone...

Scheming for my next Phone...

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...and hoping the boss (my wife) will approve the proposal ;-)

Being a consultant on the road 70% of the time, I use it for everything.  E-mail, browsing, appointments, tasks.

SmartFlip I currently have an unlocked i-mate Smartflip with Windows Mobile 5. I want Windows Mobile 6 bad. Check out the features here. But I just bought the Smartflip last summer and I will be hard pressed to justify getting a new one. (No my employer doesn't buy phones for me - we get discounts from time to time but not every year)

Then my carrier (T-mobile) made an announcement about their new phone called the Wing. It is super kool with Windows Mobile 6 goodness.

I remember my LBM (Life before Microsoft) and I had a Blackberry (yes, I admit it!). When I moved to my SmartFlip, although I still love it,  I missed the KWERTY keyboard. The Wing has it. Therefore its an obvious match made in heaven.

That's where the scheming comes in...with summer started and four kids out of school and running free, eating, camping and a wife watching the budget, its hard to justify spending $300+ on a phone (I prefer unlocked phones which doesn't help the price).

The Wing

Some schemes I am working on:

"Honey my boss said if I don't buy the phone I'm fired" ( A classic but, a little unrealistic)

"The customer I am working for just started a new project on WM6 and demanded everyone have a phone" (Ok, this is a variation of the first one.)

"It wasn't last year I bought it, it had to be over two years ago." (A lie, and besides women have memories like elephants)

"I'll let you have my old phone." (She wouldn't be impressed.)

"My phone broke." (I could drop it down the stairs or...)

"I am going to buy that phone, and there is nothing you can do about it. Period" (Yeah right, I see divorce in my future)

What schemes have you used to get your latest must have gadget?

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