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Popfly Block SDK First Look - Part II

Popfly Block SDK First Look - Part II

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In Part I we looked how I set up Popfly Block SDK in Visual Studio Orcas on my PC.

We are going to look at Popfly Block development online in the Popfly environment. In order to get to the Block development area after logging in, you select the "My Projects" link. It displays a menu where you select "Create a Block".


Popfly Block Development Environment

This opens the displays the screen below. The Popfly Block development environment has two primary sections. Existing Blocks are in the list to the left and the XML definition file I mentioned in Part I, and the JavaScript code is to the right.


Existing Popfly Blocks

The Popfly Blocks displayed are not only your own custom blocks but, blocks shared by other Popfly developers. You can even search for them.


You will also notice a link called "rip". This allows you to copy Block Description XML and the Block JavaScript code as a starting point for your own Block.

So after playing around with a few Blocks in the mashup creation area, you may want to see how a block you used works.

And you know what they say about plagiarism being a form of flattery. Just kidding. These blocks are shared on purpose by the authors. As you can see, over 154 blocks are shared right now.

I will be using this technique to create my own block creation in a future post.

I won't share the idea right now. I don't want it plagiarized.smile_wink





Popfly Block Description and Code

Not much here folks. Basic text editing capabilities, although the Popfly Team has assured me that enhancements to the editors are coming. Its in Alpha after all.


After you are done writing or copying code you select the "Save" or "Save As" button to give your Block a name. Then you can go to the mash-up creation area and test your Block out. You can even share it for other people to copy. More on that later too.


Ok we've got one more Part to go that will cover the basic architecture of Popfly and then it's off to my example.

Stay Tuned. 

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