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Silverlight Video Streaming Solution with Source Code

Silverlight Video Streaming Solution with Source Code

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Quality code up on CodePlex called Video.Show.

Here is the description of what you get:

  • Designed to get you up and running quickly with minimal setup and configuration
  • All video is hosted at Silverlight Streaming, which gives you 4GB storage and 700 Kbps bandwidth via Microsoft's worldwide Content Delivery Network
  • Comments are time-based and are synchronized with video playback
  • Demonstrates a data layer built using Linq To Sql
  • Broad media format support (avi,mp4,asf,mpeg,dvr-ms,mpg,m2v,ts,m4v,vob,mov, and wmv) via Expression Encoder
  • Leverages the AJAX Control Toolkit to add animations and interactivity
  • Encoding properties are configurable via standard Expression Encoder job file
  • Cross broswer (IE 6 and 7, Firefox 2, and Safari 3)
  • Open source and designed with a webservice architecture
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    Video.Show - Home

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