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  • Blog Post: TextGlow

    Silverlight Word 2007 document viewer on the Web. Kool   TextGlow
  • Blog Post: Silverlight at the MIX08 Conference

    Can't go to Mix? It's sold out. But Watch the MIX08 keynotes streamed live real time over the internet on Wednesday, March 5th 9:30 AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time and Thursday, March 6th 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time by clicking on one of the following three streams: 750kbps , 300kbps , 100kbps . View MIX08...
  • Blog Post: Free Software for Students at Microsoft DreamSpark

    No Express editions here. We're talking Professional versions. Know a student? Are you a student? Go find out more about DeamSpark   Microsoft DreamSpark
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Video Streaming Solution with Source Code

    Quality code up on CodePlex called Video.Show . Here is the description of what you get: Designed to get you up and running quickly with minimal setup and configuration All video is hosted at Silverlight Streaming, which gives you 4GB storage and 700 Kbps bandwidth via Microsoft's worldwide Content Delivery...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Search Site keeps getting better

    I was just playing around with Tafiti ( the Silverlight Search Front end). If you haven't checked it out do so. I especially like the Tree view of search results. Nice!
  • Blog Post: Kool Silverlight Waldseemüller Maps at Library of Congress

    Just kicking around the LOC site that I mentioned in an earlier post . Check out the live Silverlight Map at the library of congress. Waldseemüller Maps
  • Blog Post: Popfly Goes Public Beta!

    Steve Ballmer will announce the Popfly Public open beta today at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco. That's right. It's here. Popfly is now opened up to the masses. Go sign up now and create your first Mashup in 30 seconds. I have another announcement coming shortly. Stay tuned.
  • Blog Post: VectorForm: More Silverlight Demos With Source Code!

    VectorForm has several kool Silverlight demos available for you to check out and download. Of course I wouldn't be mentioning it if the source wasn't included.
  • Blog Post: Dr. Dobbs Silverlight FlipBook with Source!

    Dr. Dobb's famous program Flipbook has been ported over to Silverlight. The best think about it is they are giving away the entire source code! Oh Yeah! Go get it!
  • Blog Post: Dr. Popper Silverlight Game with Source Code!

    Cool game called Dr. Popper is available in Silverlight. And you know I wouldn't be mentioning it if it didn't have the source code! Here is the game . Here is the game code .
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Physics Engine on CodePlex

    The Farseer Physics Engine is an easy to use 2D physics engine designed for Microsoft’s XNA and Silverlight platforms. The Farseer Physics Engine focuses on simplicity, useful features, and enabling the creation of fun, dynamic games. Go get it here .
  • Blog Post: More Silverlight Code from Tim Heuer

    I read Tim Heuer's blog for great insights and of course great code. He recently posted a great article that has to do with RSS and JSON. The sample is all Silverlight. You can read about it and get the source code here .
  • Blog Post: See what Silverlight can do: tafiti

    I been playing around tafiti . It's all Silverlight and is a hint of things to come.
  • Blog Post: 3D Modeling tool for Silverlight

    If you are into 3D and you are into Silverlight then I have the tool for you. Breeze Designer is kool and a little rough. But what do you expect from cutting edge stuff.
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Tetris with Source Code

    Like I've said before. I love to learn from games. Check out the classic game Tetris created by Jose Luis Quintero Mendez created with Silverlight 1.1 Alpha. Here's the code: Silverlight Tetris source code . Nice
  • Blog Post: Silverlight realtime video service: LiveStation is here!

    Skinkers just announced a realtime streaming Internet tv services that uses Silverlight called LiveStation . It is in limited Public beta. Jump on over, sign up to get in line to test out the future of TV.
  • Blog Post: Flash to Silverlight XAML

    Ok folks. Its time for some kool stuff. Check out a Flash converter to Silverlight XAML created by Debreuil Digital works . They sell it for around $250. Not bad. So go get converted.
  • Blog Post: Data Binding with Templates in Silverlight

    Ran across this great blog post by Joshua Allen shows how to do template based data binding in Silverlight . He was nice enough to provide code to download.
  • Blog Post: New Silverlight Game: Zero Gravity

    Hey, check out this new game written in Silverlight . Zero Gravity is the result of about 4 weeks and a team of 5 (designers, developers, animators/artists) used Expression Design, Expression Blend 2 and Visual Studio “Orcas” to develop this Silverlight 1.1 game. Nice. Zero Gravity
  • Blog Post: More Kool Silverlight Controls - For Free!

    I think it's worth mentioning here again a set of controls from a company called Netika . Its creating quite a stir internally. They have ported the .NET Forms Library in the Silverlight runtime. The demos are frankly stunning. Very, very Kool.
  • Blog Post: Well done Silverlight Tutorials a Nibble at a Time...

    In my previous post , I told you about the great tutorials done by the Silverlight team. Well, I've found out about another site that has great promise. Besides anyone who can create a slick site like this one, I want to learn from. It's call Nibbles .
  • Blog Post: Kool Video on Silverlight on Windows Mobile

    Check this out. New Silverlight video about the port of Silverlight on Windows Mobile. Koolness!
  • Blog Post: Linux version of Silverlight close to being ready

    Just been reading about how the Mono guys are going to show off "Moonlight" at our Mix conference in Paris. You can read about Moonlight a their site here .
  • Blog Post: Philips Showcases New Range of Remotes for Microsoft Windows Vista

    On a different note. I am planning my multimedia fantasy centered around my Xbox and Windows Media Center for Vista . I cam across this announcement for some Remotes for Media Center. Kool Philips Showcases New Range of Remotes for Microsoft Windows Vista | Dexigner
  • Blog Post: 3D Engine for Silverlight 1.1 on CodePlex

    Screen shot of the demo . You can find out more here It's called Balder and is available on CodePlex here . Kool
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