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  • Blog Post: Silverlight support added to MediaSite 4.3

    Sonic Foundry has announced that Mediasite 4.3 , a patented Webcasting and content management platform, has added support for Silverlight.
  • Blog Post: New 3D Engine for Silverlight on Codeplex

    Kit3D is a 3D graphics engine written to work with Microsoft Silverlight. The library is currently written in JavaScript and supports 3D perspective projection and texture mapping. This library allows anyone to easily create 3D content for your Silverlight application.
  • Blog Post: WPF Example Up on CodePlex

    Silverlight has its roots in WPF. So what better way to get deep that to dig into some code. The WPF team has updated and uploaded to CodePlex the Family.Show app. You can check out the code and documentation here .
  • Blog Post: Ray Ozzie is at it again, this time with SilverLight

    Just read a post on LiveSide about Ray Ozzie's R&D team working on a new app called PhotoZoom. No surprise that its based on Silverlight technology. Kool. Here is a crude video of it in action:
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Surface and Koolness

    Microsoft Surface was just released and even thought I saw some of this technology previewed internally, I have to say I am still wowed (no puns intended )at the final product. I saw this video below over a year ago at our internal tech conference. I didn't know this thing stuff was this close...
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