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  • Blog Post: German court bans retention of logged IP addresses

    A German court has ruled that a government web site may not retain IP addresses and other personally identifiable information (PII) in their logs for any longer than the user is actually using the site. The judges pointed out that in many cases it was simple to map an IP address to an identity with...
  • Blog Post: Ensuring that there's no useful data in your logs...

    As I wrote about earlier, TorrentSpy, a file-sharing search engine, was ordered by a U.S. magistrate to enable logging on its servers and to subsequently make those logs available to the MPAA, the plaintiff in an illegal file-sharing lawsuit against TorrentSpy. They have lost their appeals and as a result...
  • Blog Post: EZ-Pass Logs Used in Divorce Cases

    This one kind of speaks for itself. I guess this is more of a privacy issue than a logging issue. [Edited 2010-08-06 by EricF- fixing broken link]
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