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May, 2009

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About AzureCAT Eric Golpe

I work at Microsoft Corporation as a Senior Program Manager (the code-writing kind) for the Windows Azure Customer Adoption Team (AzureCAT), within Windows Azure engineering in our Cloud and Enterprise division.  I'm a team member of Azure Applications, which is one of our multiple customer engagement teams within AzureCAT. Azure Applications works across the entire application layer for all Azure services. This obviously includes all the normal Azure application development components as well as any open-source components running on Microsoft Azure.

My prior focus within AzureCAT was on strategic internal onboarding, to engage and strategically on-board some of our largest internal properties to the Azure Platform. Prior to AzureCAT, I was a member of the Enterprise Strategy Worldwide Azure Team (ESWAT), as well as a lead for the Windows Azure OneTAP program with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS). My capabilities include architecting and implementing large, complex solutions, and providing direct depth and breadth expertise to customers, in a vast array of Microsoft products and technologies, with a specialization focused on our Windows Azure Platform.  Some say I'm part Azure Samurai, which makes me laugh.

Prior to my career at Microsoft, I worked as an Enterprise Architect for a large, well-known international shoe company, owned my own Information technology consulting and training company in Southeast Asia for several years, was an international bakery consultant for a few years, and did some work in public safety, including law enforcement, fire service, and emergency medicine.  I currently live in the Greater Seattle area with my wife and children.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. 
I look forward to hearing any comments or critique you may have, and hope you enjoy the blog! 


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