Last Friday, I worked a bit on the project templates, and then went home. Monday morning, I went on a bike ride, and then went to work. Somewhere in between, I stopped being a the pm responsible for the project system and community and started being the C# compiler PM.

It all started this spring, when one of our PMs decided to leave Microsoft and go back to school. The proximity of his school to his girlfriend made this a bit less of a surprise, but left us somewhat understaffed. So Anson Horton, our current compiler PM, started working on both the compiler and the IDE, which made him a fair bit too busy.

We interviewed a few candidates for the compiler PM position, but as it requires a unique combination of talents - somebody who is passionate about the C# language and has some idea of what you need to do to build a good language - we didn't find anybody. I spent a little time thinking about it, and then decided I was interested in the position.

So, as of this Monday, I'm back on the C# design team, this time as a PM instead of the test lead that I was when we were first developing the C# language. On Monday afternoon, I found myself at the C# design meeting on the same day, same time, and even the same conference room where I spent so much time. I'm really excited to be back on the design team.

This will likely change the content of my blog, though I'm not exactly sure how it will change. I'd like to talk more about what really happens in a language design team, though there are some things I won't want to talk about, mostly because a lot of our discussions are about features that aren't finalized, and I don't people to expect things that we may not do.