I've been cleaning my office today, and I need some help on a problem I have.

Back when I wrote my C# book (A Programmer's Introduction to C# (still available at better booksellers everywhere (Eric needs to pay for his season's pass at Stevens Pass (where it snowed this week (view the webcam))))), I was lucky enough to have the first edition translated into a number of different languages. Whenever a publisher would finish a translation, my publisher (Apress, new owner of most of the Wrox titles) would send me a box of books. I always put one on the bookshelf, and when I had one that I thought somebody would be interested in, I'd give it to them. For example, I gave my Czech mother-in-law a copy of Začínáme programovat v C# , and Anders got a copy of

C# introduktion for programmører

But after a while, I exhausted the humorous potential of giving relatives copies of books that not only covered topics they didn't understand, but were written in languages they didn't speak, and I'm left with a number of copies that I don't know what to do with. Most are the first edition of the book, which is nowhere near as good as the second edition.

So I'm looking for ideas of what to do. I currently have:

7 Danish
1 Italian
4 Dutch
4 Korean
2 Korean (2nd edition)
2 Chinese
2 Polish
4 Czech