I recently built a music system for the ski cabin (you can only listen to Infinity so many times). It's a Micro-ATX system with a 40Gig drive, a CD ROM, and 256M of memory. More than enough for music. It runs the same custom MFC application that I use for my music system at home, and I'm using an old PocketPC as the remote control.

The system works great, except that the CPU fan that I got at my local PC store (the original one I got was too tall) sounds like a hair dryer. So, I'm shopping for a new CPU fan that's quiet.

The search has been a bit confusing, so I'm looking for some help. The CPU is an Athlon 1.3GHz, and the fan needs to be not much bigger than the "small heatsink" size (ie about 3" square), and it can't be too tall (about 3" max).