Early in September, I got a injury on my big toe while playing soccer. Well, it wasn't while playing soccer, it was practicing soccer, but those are really the same thing. Actually, to be honest, it was while coaching soccer, which still requires a fair amount of soccer skills.

Okay, so I got kicked by a 9 year old, but she was big for her age.

The result was that I couldn't kick my with my right foot for about a month, which gave me a great chance to improve my off-foot play (which, to be frank, needs a lot of improvement).

Fast forward to about a week ago, when I found that that toenail had fractured 3/4 of the way across. If I didn't do something, it would rip all the way through, fall off, and I would probably miss at least a day of skiing. What I needed was some way to keep it together until it grew out.

That night I got thinking about rocket building, and tonight I spent about 10 minutes adding an epoxy reinforcement to the nail.

I did consider reinforcing it with a bit of fiberglass, but that seemed a little over the top. Perhaps carbon fiber would be a better choice.