Diego asks,

Now that C# 2.0 is almost here, I'd like to know about features that were left out from this release and planned for the future?

I can't think of anything that I'd say was “left out“. There are a few things that we've been talking about

There are a few things that we've been talking about. Unfortunately, I don't think I can talk about them now.

The basic problem is one of expectation. When we first start talking about something, we're always in the exploratory phase. That's a long way from the “already implemented“ phase when we usually start talking about features.

[Update: Marshall asks whether E&C was left out, or just postponed. Refactoring rated higher than E&C, but we do understand the utility that E&C brings, and we also have gotten a lot of customer feedback in that area. Oh, and to the best of my knowledge, the VB version of E&C does not support web apps. ]

[Update: Mike asks about delays in Whidbey. While I generally know when we have slipped our schedules, I don't track when (or wheter) we've communicated those slips, so I'm going to avoid those sorts of topics. ]