I really appreciate the comments that people leave on my posts, and the comments are often more valuable than the posts themselves.

However, every day or so, I'll get an off-topic question. For example, in my post talking about what's coming up in Whidbey, I'm mostly talking about when I want to talk about things.

In the comments, Nicholas asks a perfect reasonable question: “Why doesn't C# have const reference parameters?”

But the question isn't something I'd answer in the post, so I'd need to spend some time writing another post on it. I don't have time for that right now, so I'll need to put it off, but I'll probably forget the question by then. When I come back to answer a question, I'll look at my “Suggest a topic” comments first.

So, if you'd like to increase the chance that your question will get answered, go to my blog's home page, and choose “Suggest a topic” at the bottom of the left column. I'm trying to work through those in order, and when I write the topic, it gets deleted from the list of comments.