On Tuesday night, I spent a bit of time at the MVP party (good company, not a great party), and then went home to work on slides. Scott had gathered some MVP feedback, and it was my job to condense it into some summary slides to drive the discussion.

I polished the slides this morning (about two days too late for my taste), and then did the presentation to the MVPs this morning. It took me a few minutes to get back into feedback mode, but then I talked for about 90 minutes without a break.

I know that the C# are MVPs are talented, but I'm always amazed how insightful they are. We are very lucky to have them.

Doing this sort of customer feedback session is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It took me arond 35 years (and a bit of work on my part) to discover that rather than being a fairly shy person, I'm actually a bit of a ham when I get up in front of a group. Customer feedback sessions are great because I can ad-lib my answers, and I like both the challenge and the comedic potential in such an interaction.

I always learn something new in such a session. One of the MVPs commented that if there was an organized group of C# MVP blogs, that would be one good way to get insight into what MVPs were thinking about. What a great idea.

Thanks to all the MVPs for coming to Redmond to talk with us, and for all the C# work that they've been doing. Their impact on the C# community is immense - whether it be on a newsgroup, on a website, through training, or through online content.