We're starting to think about the release after Whidbey in the C# compiler team.

I know that it seems strange that we have just shipped the Whidbey beta, and we're already talking about what comes next, but we're fairly close to being “shut down” for the compiler right now. So, we're taking the “big picture“ perspective.

Since we're in this mode, now's the time to suggest things that we should add to the language and/or scenarios where you think the language falls short.

An ideal comment would be something like:

I'd like to be able to support mixin-style programming in C#

If it isn't obvious what you're suggesting, please provide a link.

It would also be good to suggest through code - something like:

I currently am forced to write code like

<ugly code here>

and it's really ugly.

I won't be able to respond to all comments nor will we implement all of them (or perhaps any of them), but we will consider all of them.