My daughter and I have been planning on a special Halloween surprise for our Trick-or-treaters for a few days, and this morning we went to our local Halloween-surprise-superstore.

What, you don't have such a store?

Well, neither do we. Sure, one can head down to the local Fred Meyer (or local equivalent) and purchase any one of numerous Halloween-themed displays with what to adorn one's domicile, but that, in my opinion, shows lack of creativity.

Our goal is to have something that is triggered by the proximity of sucrose-seeking young-uns. Our first trip to Home Depot netted us the following:

  • One "Guardmaster" motion sensor
  • Two 1" red round night light bulbs
  • Two Edison sockets for the light bulbs
  • One extension cord

We have a fairly good plan, but it requires me to build some new electronics, which requires parts, which necessitates a trip to Fry's (Radio Shack is remarkably inadequate these days), which means it will take a few days.

Do you have plans in this area?