There has been some talk about the follow-on release to Visual Studio Whidbey, which is codenamed "Orcas".

I won't comment on the release, since I'm not on the team any more, but Dan's title makes an allusion to Marine Mammals, and some of you might be wondering why we chose that as a code name.

In fact - and I'm not sure if this is clear in Tony's video or not - the code name comes from Orcas Island, which is one of the San Juan islands, which reside in north Puget Sound, near the Canadian border. If you cross the border, you get to the Gulf Islands, which are really part of the same island group as the San Juans.

Interestingly, the pronunciation for Orcas and Orca's is different. Orcas is pronounced "Oar-cuss", while Orca's is closer to "Oar-cuz".

"Whidbey" came from Whidbey Island.