Waaaaay back in about 1988, my wife and I wandered over to a Medieval arts fair in Kent, WA. I've had friends that were in SCA, but I was never really into it myself, so we didn't really have a purpose to be there. While we we wandering, we came across a stage with a bunch of people in front of it. There were three performers, and the first song we heard was, IIRC, a song about a man who became very depressed because The Love Boat had been cancelled. Not only were the lyrics funny, the music was an impressive mix of three very talented vocalists.

We had stumbled across a concert by Uncle Bonsai.

Uncle Bonsai is a group that is very hard to describe, but basically, you have two women and a guy with a very high voice doing vocally complex songs in many genres, some of which are funny, some of which are deep, and some of which are both.

If I had to recommend a single album, it would have to be:

A Lonely Grain of Corn

After the group broke up, Andrew Ratshin went on to record more songs on his own as "The Electric Bonsai Band", which is neither electric nor a band, and is a pretty good indication that they never took themselves too seriously.