Note that you'll have to speak the title using a Jeff Spicoli voice (as performed by Sean Penn in Fast Times...). Or perhaps from Bill and Ted...

I'm spending the week becoming a more excellent developer, in a five-day course for developers. "Excellence" has been a big hit since Tom Peter's 1982 smash hit In Search of Excellence (which was followed by "A Passion for Excellence" in 1985, and then, finally, with "A messy divorce from Excellence" in late 1989).

Classes like this can be hit or miss - they'll cover a lot of ground that you've seen before, but this one has a lot of audience participation, and it always brings up a few topics of interest.

Interestingly, I sat next to a guy that used to work in the same building as I did back at Boeing Computer Services in the late 80's, though we never met.