In search of new headphones and armed with the suggestions that I got in comments to my last post, I spent some time on the exercise page at After reading that page, and doing a bit more research, I decided to learn more about what Koss and Sennheiser had to offer.

I spent a little time on the Koss site first. Or, to be more precise, I tried to spend time on the Koss site, but they decided that their main page should just launch a popup. Which my software blocked. I worked around that, and finally got their non-resizable popup with all-white scroll bars to come up, drawing from their painfully-slow web server. After a little browsing and reading, I moved over to the Sennheiser site.

What a relief. It's reasonably fast, and they display their headphones in product lines, so you can see (for example) that the PX line has the PX100, PX200, and PX250. If you go to the detail page, you get all the information you want.

So, I ended up buying the Sennheiser PX100 merely because they had a website that was better than their competitor. And I don't think I'm alone in making that sort of choice - online experience matters.

Anyway, I got the PX100's through the always-excellent NewEgg for $43.99 including shipping. They come with an interesting hard-shell case that I will likely never use because it takes at least a minute to get the headphones in it, and I'm a bit too lazy for that. The sound is really nice - the response is flat, and extends a bunch farther into the bass range than my earbuds did. They also pass my quality test for audio equipment, which is whether, after listening for a few minutes, I find myself wanting to turn up the volume.

Nice phones, and they certainly stayed in place better than the earbuds...