From right to left, Ford, Marvin, Trillian, and Zaphod. If you don't know what this is a picture of, then you can safely stop reading now.

I came across this via a link from Scoble, who linked to a Greg Hughes Post. While it's pretty likely that I'm going to see this movie, having looked at this and watched the trailer, I'm worried that Touchstone is going to take a groundbreaking book and make a very average movie.

So, did you see it yet?

No, I'm not talking about Marvin, though I'm pretty sure that a) he has to have a cylindrical leg to be consistent with LTEAE, and b) he shouldn't be white, but I can allow a little liberty to be taken (though it does look like somebody misread "Brain the size of a planet" as "Brain the *shape* of a planet").

Nor is it that the fact that the trailer looks like a trailer from "Independence Day".


Count the heads.

In my book, if you don't have two heads, you're not Zaphod Beeblebrox.

With the current level of CGI sophistication, it's feasible to do a movie in which a character has two heads. Which means Touchstone *chose* not to do so. That makes me guess that the movie will roughly follow the story without having the right feel.


I'll be overjoyed if I turn out to be wrong, but if I'm not, I'll take some solace that Douglas is not around to see it.