I'm not sure whether "VC++ 2005" is the right name or not, but whatever the next version of VC++ is called (don't get me started on the VS naming schemes...)

Chris Sells wrote a post about a review of the new C++ version coming out with Whidbey. In case you haven't been paying attention, the C++ team looked MC++ v1.0 and v.11, and decided that they wanted to do a language that was more tightly coupled to the runtime.

So, they came up with a way to integrate the .NET features into C++.

The contention in the post that Chris linked to is that C# is now superfluous. Now, I'm a code-and-let-code kind of guy when it comes to languages - I don't think any one language is the best - so I find such pronouncements interesting.

What do you think? You can find some information on the new C++ syntax here.