One of my readers suggested a group ride of the Zoo, so I'm teaming up with the Phat Psyklist to put on the:

The Double-E half-hour of Pain (You do Zoo, We do Too)

September 24th, 2:30 PM at the base of the hill. Eldon said something about cake at the summit. If you want to participate, please send email or leave a comment so we have some idea how many people are showing up.

This is not a climb to be approached lightly. Proper preparation includes a well-maintained bike, good legs, a sufficient arsenal of excuses, and willingness to explore the outer limits of performance and whining.

Notes for first time zoo climbers:

  1. Start slow. Really slow. Lowest gear slow. Almost falling down slow.
  2. You'll need to maintain your pace for somewhere in the neighborhood of half an hour.
  3. After about 0.8 miles, there is a hairpin turn to the right. Do not ride on the inside of the corner. The easiest way up is the outside of the turn, if traffic conditions permit (there is usually little traffic on the zoo)
  4. The first mile or so to the straight section is the worst. The straight section to the stop sign is harder. And the section after you turn left is harder still.
  5. The top is at the gate, and the road turns to gravel soon after that.
  6. Don't descend the same direction - head west on 60th (ie left at the stop sign coming down from the summit)
  7. Ever climb Inglewood? The zoo is like riding Inglewood. In a higher gear. Four times in a row.