I haven't been paying too much attention to my blog formatting options recently. I'm pretty much a straightforward text guy. Back when I started coding, all we had was uppercase letters. Struth!

Anyway, I'm not big on lots of extra formatting - I'll occaisionally grab a bold, and if I'm feeling funky, I might do a bit in Courier New. (Personally, I think that "Courier New" has been a huge marketing mistake for the Courier company, and I'm waiting for the return of "Courier Classic".)

But today I noticed that I now have a combo box labelled "Insert Smiley", and the sky's the limit. Not only does it have about 50 smileys listed, it has translation next to them. So, if I'm talking about a trip to France, instead of writing a paragraph about lunch, I can just write:

sn pi

to let you know that I had snail pizza.

Or, to describe a Friday night with friends, I could use:

D B |-)

Which means "Drinks beer and sleeps".

I'm sure all of this will be easy for you to understand. For example, given what you've learned, what does this mean?

D B ip

That's right. "Drinks beer in paradise".

See how well that works? Well, time to go now.