This week at a team dinner - which we sometimes do if people are staying late - we had indian food. Rice, various curries, and a package of the Indian bread known as "Nan" (pronounced "nahn").

I like rice, and I'm open to a nice vindaloo now and then, but I must confess a particular weakness for the bread. When I was younger, I would sometimes eat endless pieces of this bread, and it ultimately got so bad that I had to go to "Nan-anon" for treatment...

I've always wondered about that experience. I like bread, but I only have this compulsion around one kind of bread. But yesterday, I was doing some research, and finally figured out why I can never put enough slices on my place. It's like adding a slice has no effect at all. And now I know why:

Nan + Nan = Nan

See the last bullet point in the remarks section.

(I do love the bread, especially the garlic version)