Monday, I came across a reference to a website by Team CSC racer Dave Zabriskie in, of all places, a copy of Bicycling magazine. Bicycling is not known for their race coverage in the same way as Seattlelites are not know for their winter driving prowess.

Apparently, Zabriskie has become known for doing one-sentence interviews with riders in the peleton. Here's a nice one:

I know the Tour is well over but I do have one more interview to share. It is with Thor Hushvod of Credit Agricole:

DZ: Thor what does it feel like to have the coolest name in the peleton?

TH: I didn’t know it was a cool name.

DZ: Trust me it is.

TH: O.k. then. It feels pretty cool then.

DZ: Thanks for the interview.

You have to like somebody who does that.