I'd like an unbiased opinion on this one. And I'm only going to make one post on this, so bear with me.

I think the Steelers played a pretty good game - and managed to do some nice things - converting both long runs and a nice trick play for touchdowns. The Seahawks did some good things, but did a poor job managing the clock at the end of both halves.

But the officiating was, well, just weird.

Darrell Jackson catches the ball in the endzone, the ref doesn't signal anything, the Steeler DB protests, and the ref throws a flag. Clearly no interference. Seahawks settle for a field goal.

Roethlisberger's touchdown was pretty darn close, and I couldn't really tell if he scored, but it looked like he didn't. I think this is largely irrelevant as my guess is that they would have gone for it on 4th and scored, but the Seahawks have stopped a few of those this year, so it wouldn't have been as clear.

The killer, however, was the holding call on the Hasselbeck throw to Jeremy Stevens. It was pretty clearly not holding, and this was the big momentum change of the game.

Then, on the ensuing interception, Hasselbeck gets called for a low block, which is just wrong.

So, what do you think?