Nine more innane and largely irrelevant questions. I'm going to leave comments open so you can put forth your own answers.

Language Details

1) Java has a >>> operator. C# doesn't. Why?

2) When can a readonly field be assigned to?

C# and the Runtime

3) What does [FieldOffset(12)] do?

C# and other languages

4) Perl and C# are alike because...

Real Trivia

5) How many people were in the Visual C# Product Unit when C# was first disclosed?

6) Explain the history of the 'hort' data type, and how it relates to C#...

Power Users

7) What do the following people have in common, and how are each of them related to C#?
     James Newkirk
     Peter Solich
     Lutz Roeder

Ancient History

8) In his "Introduction to C#" talk at the first .NET PDC, Joe Nalewabau started his talk off by saying that his manager would upgrade him to first class on his trip back home if all his demos worked. Was this the truth, or was it a clever presentation device?

9) In this presentation, Joe made a joke about the PDC speaker shirts. What sport did his joke refer to?