Here we go, with the last installment of the series...

Language Details

1) How is decimal different from other C# types?

2) What kind of constructor is not legal on structs? Why?

3) What’s the difference between “out” and “[out]”?

4) When you write ulong, what does the runtime see?

C# and the Runtime

5) What interfaces does foreach use in C# 1.1? What about 2.0?

6) What is the name of the attribute that controls the usage of an attribute?

C# and other Languages

7) C# and C++ programmers are at a party (okay, it's a really a user-group meeting). The mood is too nice. What topic do you bring up?

Real Triva

8) What is chapter 11 of the C# Language spec?

9) For a while, C# had a mascot. What was his name? Extra points for his full name.

10) What is my most useless computer-related skill? Hint: It's not my rudimentary knowledge of 6502 assembler.

Power Users

11) Why does the compiler put "nop" (ie no op) instructions in my IL?

12) I have an extraordinary power. I can diagnose problems with P/Invoke statement psychicly. You're having a problem, you come to me, and I say, "Change the <x> in your definition to <y>". And I'm right, about 83% of the time.

What is <x> and what is <y>?

Ancient History

13) Which one of these was a C# codename before disclosure:
a) Awesome!
b) C+++-
c) C-Sure
d) Safe-C
e) C how quick I can write code now!
f) The C clearly system

14) C# was first talked about widely at a PDC. What year was it? Where was it held, and how hot was it?
a) 98 degrees
b) Hotter than a jalapeno in a heat wave
c) Hot enough to make your palms sweat at 7:00 AM
d) Hot enough to lose 20 pounds in 20 days, ask me how!