Anybody working on an interesting hobby project?
I finally got around to firing up my Atmel STK500 development board, after the untimely death of a wireless router gave me the perfect power supply to use. That will get used on some LED-based holiday lights in a project that I haven't fully scoped yet.
My current project, however, is a hill-mapping application, in my never-ending quest to map the gradients of the hills that I cycle on. Topo data isn't good enough to tell you what you really want to know, so a couple of weeks ago I sent in a order for an ISU Inclinometer, which will give me the direct measurement of angle through a serial interface.
I then need a data-logging solution. I have an old PocketPC sitting around that would work for the level information, but to do the whole solution I need a way to get one more bit of data into the pocketpc, so I can measure distance with a magnetic wheel sensor. I may be able to hack something in using the IR port.
So, what are you doing?