Most bugs that I fix in the DVDMaker UI are fairly benign, but yesterday I fixed one that could have had more severe consequences, as noted in my checkin mail:

Problem Description:
Stanley was in his study that night. He knew that he should be getting some sleep - especially with what he had to do in the morning - but he was playing around on his computer, and came across a program titled "Windows DVD Maker".
His hands trembled as he launched it. A window appeared, and then this message:
DVD burner not found
If you have a DVD burner installed on your computer, make sure that it is connected properly and turned on, and try running Windows DVD Maker again. Learn more about this problem
Stanley peered at the message. He took off and cleaned his tortiseshell Valentino eyeglasses, replaced them, and looked at the message a second time.  The first part of the message made sense. He didn't have a DVD burner. But the second sentence just ended. Was there something else that he needed to know? He sat and pondered the situation...
Sleep came with difficulty that night, and throughout the night he was tormented by the spectre of rogue punctuation.
The next morning, he was met as he came into the office by Nicole, his underhanded and overachieving assistant of the last 3 years. "You look tired. Are you sure you're up to this?"
Stanley nodded, and proceeded to get ready for the procedure. He thought he was okay, but the lack of sleep combined with the mental anguish of the previous night conspired against him, and instead of removing the mole from Mrs Slater's right forearm, he instead removed the one from her right bicep.
Mrs Slater looked down, noticed what Stanley had done, and said, "Yeah, you can do that one, too, as long as your there".
Add the period to the end of the message, okay?