As my role as an evangelist for Microsoft I get the unique opportunity to meet and work with some of brightest CTO's, CIO and software architects in the world.  It occurred to me recently that we have really reached an interesting place with Silverlight 3 - I like to think of it as "tipping point" -  the level at which the momentum of something becomes un-stoppable.  Every day thousands and thousands of installations are occurring of the Silverlight player while simultaneously we are seeing more and more development organizations take their prototypes to early betas and sneak previews.  This is even being seen in the Developer community - with MySpace just releasing an Open Social/Silverlight toolkit that allows developers to unleash the power of Silverlight within the broad and diverse communities of MySpace.  Read more about this release here -

We are at the convergence of features needed to make Silverlight 3 a real contender in RIA space and a viral/awaking with the community that I directly work with - which defines the tipping point.  Many of you as IT decision makers are facing tough questions - the equal opportunity recession has made every organization really think hard about where to put its resources.  This frequent topic of conversation comes up frequently when I meet with partners - what is the current adoption of Silverlight ? - Do enough people already have the player installed ... and the answer is - many do and more are occurring everyday. The issue that IT managers must see now is we are at the turning point for Silverlight - want to be the leader in your particular vertical - then take this blog post as a beacon - if you have been thinking about taking your social networking or hum-drum portal to the next level of engagement - now is the time.  So still not convinced we are at a tipping point for this technology - then wait until next year ... add some more CSS or images to your site to spruce it up - mean while your competition will release a super new RIA application based on Silverlight that allows them to take the experience out of browser and un-cover interesting new ways to monetize their presence in the cloud. 

Take a day and check out some of the new features of Silverlight 3 – here are some of the best places to get information