As a field lead for the adoption of Internet Explorer 8 working with some of the most progressive companies in the Media and Entertainment verticals I have been able to gain some surprising insight to how these companies view the browser world.  To most media and entertainment companies in the US most are rapidly developing a strategy for 3 and even 4 screens - most still amass most of their revenue dollars by their broadcast or printed media form factors - but as more and more consumers get access to Wi-Fi hot spots in airports, coffee shops and yes - even on vacation - what major resort doesn't offer wireless internet now.  So of course - most major players in this field have extensive web pages with rich content with video, pictures, and are over indexed on social networking - but they still often tell me then want to increase their web traffic to offset the enormous investment they have made.  As we all know - in order to maintain the same display advertising that has carried these companies throughout the last 7 years or so has dramatically receded - so the real question they ask is - IE8 is just another browser - how can it help me drive new views, deeper engagement and still provide a safe and performant experience. 

Today more than ever consumers have a wide choice of browsing options that offer performance and site to site compatibility - so why is Internet Explorer 8 any different - sure it’s faster and even most secure browser to ever hit the market but the real hidden value to Internet Explorer 8 is all the added traffic and engagement fringe benefits that come with it.  Let us start with the concept of a web slice - the ability to put your brand on the chrome of a consumers browser and no matter where somebody browses - they are always just one click away from your page - this is something the caught folks by surprise - the popularity of web slices has been increasing steadily over the past 6 months and almost ever partner that I work with in the space has either created a slice or is in the process of building several.  If this simple development effort was not enough - Microsoft created an entire portal dedicated to showcasing these web slices.  Check out and you will see some of the cool slices companies in this space that have been created.  No one could have imagined that just but writing the code for slice - often can be done in a matter of a hour or two could stretch your brand to so many people - We have been able to help some major players in the entertainment field increase their traffic  by over 25% by just creating a series of web slices.  Over the next couple of weeks I will dig deep into a few specific partners who have embraced the real hidden of this platform - and I call it a platform because it is a browser a marketing tool and a better way to connect with your audience.