For the last year I have worked with many of you in the Entertainment, Media, Telco and Consumer Entertainment industries "lighting up" your existing web properties with customizations around the most popular browser in the world - IE8.  At Microsoft we are continually trying to improve our products and with IE8 this is no exception - I received some really candidate feedback in the course of building out these customizations(Web Slices, Accelerators) that will be taken back to our core IE team and folded into our existing IE9 browser.  Yep - IE9 is out and in beta form - while it is not complete we can still make changes and take your input seriously.  After working with over thirty different companies in the Media and Entertainment industry - two main themes emerged as areas for improvement - speed of load time and rendering and how can you help me retain and attract more eyeballs.  So in IE9 we are definitely working on the speed and rendering of rich media scenarios and finding even better ways for you to connect with your industry –

Stay tuned for more information on this - but in the meantime - check out the wide array of entertainment and media companies in our showcase gallery - - to mention a few - ESPN, Discovery, NFL and WSJ