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October, 2006

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About Me

My name is Eric Johnson and I’m an Consultant II for Microsoft Consulting Services.   I joined MS in late 2005 and have been working with a variety of customers and products ever since.  My family and I reside in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Prior to joining MS, I worked as a Consultant/Employee for a variety of small/medium/large companies  in Cedar Rapids.

  • Eric Johnson (MCS)

    HDC06 Recap

    The HDC continues to grow and improve each and every year. This year was our 3rd annual conference with the largest attendance to date. We had over 500 attendees, 20 sponsors, 18 tremendous speakers, and 75 people on our waitlist. To put our numbers in...
  • Eric Johnson (MCS)

    WCF Typed Service Moinker Contract

    When using a typed service moniker, the contract specifies the UUID of the interface for the contact ( IInteropTest ) defined in the web.config of the WCF service. The UUID can be located by viewing the type library for the registered assembly (i.e. InteropTestProxy...
  • Eric Johnson (MCS)

    SecurityNegotiationException in WCF Services

    Many people including myself are running into this problem while sharing and running WCF samples using the .NET Framwork 3.0 RC1. If you receive the following... Exception [System.ServiceModel.Security.SecurityNegotiationException] {"SOAP security...
  • Eric Johnson (MCS)

    Tools to develop Vista generation applications

    The tools be will give the intellisense, visual designers, configuration editors, registration tools, and log viewer nesscary to develop or get familer with WCF, WPF, WF, or Cardspace. .NET Framework 3.0 A new managed code programming model for...
  • Eric Johnson (MCS)

    My User Group Findings

    My local .NET user group ( CRINETA ) has had a bumpy road recently after loosing several key contributers. I stepped down as leader of the group around 10 months ago. Since then, I've tried to stay involved the group through email, but I'm typically unavailable...
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