My local grocery store sells eggs and tabasco sauce together – looking at that the other day it occurred to me that while grocery and other retailers have data mined for years, we do very little of it in software development. 

Grocery stores have long used market basket analysis to determine what customers purchase together – eggs and tabasco sauce, diapers and beer, etc.  This helps them make a profit in an industry where margins are very slim. 

Since Team Foundation Server uses SQL Server 2005 for its data store, it’s pretty easy to datamine the data that is stored there.  I am by no means an expert in data mining, but it seems like there are some interesting bits of information that you can pull out.

SQL Server 2005 Data Mining is really cool, I recorded a video of what I did and posted it to YouTube, check it out here

Or you can use the neat YouTube embedded link:

This is kind of a ‘Hello World’ style introduction to data mining, as I learn more about how to apply it to Team Foundation Server, I’ll share it.  This is also the first video I’ve posted, so if you have some feedback, I’d love to hear it.