The Most Boring Story Ever

The Most Boring Story Ever

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The other day a reader suggested:


     Make a blogentry about how you started at MS and so on!


You asked, but I'm warning you: it's the most boring story ever.


I grew up in Waterloo , Ontario , which was a piece of luck as Waterloo has the best computer science school in Canada . I studied applied mathematics and computer science (along with my close personal friends and fellow bloggers Dr. Orbifold and Dr. Thingo) from 1991 to 1996.  Amongst its many claims to fame, UW has the largest cooperative education program on the planet. For my fourth, fifth and sixth work terms I was an intern on the VBA team here at Microsoft.  On the strength of my internship the VBA team extended me a job offer, which I accepted.  I worked full-time on the scripting technology for five years.


Then the VBA, Scripting and Microsoft Office Developer teams were reorganized into one large team (the "Trinity" team) tasked with modernizing and improving the Office developer story. I've been working on that for about two years now.  We've just shipped "Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Tools For The Microsoft Office System 2003", which I actually did very little work on -- that was Peter Torr 's baby, so read his blog if you want details.  I've been working on the next version, which, of course, I can't talk about except to say that I hope the name is shorter.  Also, I do a fair amount of work still on scripting -- not implementing new features of course, but ongoing work like attending security reviews, helping out our product support and sustaining engineering teams, and (obviously) writing a blog.

  • No, actually, that was a fascinating story. Okay, I admit that I knew most of the details already, but I had no idea that Dr. Orbifold had a blog. Whole new vistas of blogness have opened up before me! Excuse me, I have to update my links page now, I guess.
  • could you post the second half again, I got bored. no, just joking, I just haven't had occasion to exercise my programmer smart-ass skills lately.
  • That's not unlike my own sordid tale... except this is your blog and not mine so I won't bore you with my version. ;-)

    I will say that i eventually ended up working for Xbox... just in time to Ship It, too.
  • Wow! Your story is so so so so so...... romantic!  If I am the girl, I will marry him.

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