A Face Made For Email

A Face Made For Email

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A few weeks ago, Charles Torre and The Scobelizer showed up in my office with a hand-held camera, asked me a bunch of random questions for a couple hours, edited the video into bite-sized chunks and slapped it up on the web.

It's a blog, it’s a wiki, it’s a forum, it's a bunch of videos of geeks geeking out -- frankly, I'm not sure what exactly this whole Channel 9 thing is.  I'm not sure that Charles and Robert know either, but I'm sure that we'll find out as the experiment continues!

Anyway, if you ever wanted (for some perverse reason) to know what people like me, Mike Howard, and the rest of us look and sound like, now you can find out why we mostly rely upon written forms of communication to get our points across. This was my first time ever being interviewed on video, and it was Charles' and Robert's first time doing the interviews -- I was their guinea pig.  I've never had any media training, and it shows.  Good heavens, you should see the uncut video!  I'm constantly fidgeting and going off into non sequiturs.  I had no idea that my hands were actually in shot.  Live and learn I suppose.

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