It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's the most wonderful time of the year

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Here's a little holiday cheer for you all. Or, at least for you all in Commonwealth countries.

static object M<T>(T t) where T : struct
  return t;

int ii = 10;
int? jj = 20;
object xx = ii;
object yy = jj;
System.ValueType zz = ii;
IComparable aa = ii;
System.Enum bb = MidpointRounding.ToEven;
object cc = M(ii);

I hope you're having a festive holiday season. Happy Boxing Day, and we'll see you in the New Year for more fabulous adventures!

[Eric is on vacation; this posting is pre-recorded.]

  • Too cute - Happy Boxing Day all.

  • And, for the record, if asked to list statements that would cause boxing I'd have certainly missed the assignments to ValueType and Enum.  Subtle.

  • Merry x'mas to all who post here...

  • *smacks forehead*  duh...

  • I am sorry.. but I don't understand... is there any special/cute meaning of these codes other than boxing?

    Nope. The joke is that it was "Boxing Day" on the 26th, so I figured that some boxing conversions would be festive. 

    Remember, the function of my sense of humour is to amuse *me*, not *you*.

    -- Eric


  • *groan*!

    I'm ashamed to admit that despite being British by birth and upbringing I still didn't get it even *after* Blake's spoiler for a good minute or two. "Subtle" is an understatement :)

    Well played.


  • And I was still trying to figure out what the heck a "Boxing day" is..  we poor continental europeans ;)

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