Wackiness ensues

Wackiness ensues

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No tech today, but this is too funny to not pass along, so consider this your fun for Friday.

What would happen if Anders Hejlsberg and Barbara Liskov were forced to share an apartment in an "odd couple" sitcom? (*)

Apparently I'm the "Kramer" of this sitcom. I hope I'm played by Ryan Gosling. Additional suggestions on casting the principal roles can be left in the comments.

(*) A single-threaded apartment, I'd assume.

  • I'm not sure what role but James Gosling should definitely be in ;)

  • Bertrand Meyer would make an excellent Costanza. en.wikipedia.org/.../Bertrand_Meyer.

  • I would have gone with Erik Meijer as the wacky neighbor.

  • Gosling would be spot on; especially when duck typing is discussed.

  • Jon Skeet should have a cameo role.

  • At some point (say, second season) Liskov could be substituted for Robert C. Martin, who would then take over her (singular) responsibilities.

  • Cata 08-17-2012 6:41 PM said: "I'm not sure what role but James Gosling should definitely be in ;)"

    *Door rings, Jerry - I mean Anders - answers. It's Gosling.*

    GOSLING: (superior tone) Hello, Anders.

    HEJLBERG: (narrowing eyes suspiciously) Hello... *Gosling*.

  • Barbra by Helen Miren

    Anders by Eric Lippert

    Oh good heavens yes. Fun fact: as many teenage boys do, I had a poster of a beautiful woman on my bedroom wall. Unlike most teenage boys of my generation, mine was of Helen Mirren. I still have the poster. -- Eric

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