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November, 2012

  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    A new fabulous adventure

    Tomorrow, the 30th of November, 2012, is the first day of my fifth decade here on Earth, and my last day at Microsoft. (*) I've been working at Microsoft full-time since 1996 and had two years of internships before that. Microsoft is an awesome company...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Why is deriving a public class from an internal class illegal?

    In C# it is illegal to declare a class D whose base class B is in any way less accessible than D. I'm occasionally asked why that is. There are a number of reasons; today I'll start with a very specific scenario and then talk about a general philosophy...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    It's still essential!

    I am pleased to announce that Essential C# 5.0 by Mark Michaelis, and, new for this edition, yours truly , is available for pre-order now . It will be in stores in early December. As long-time readers of this blog know, I was one of the technical editors...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Dynamic contagion, part two

    Last time I discussed how "dynamic" tends to spread through a program like a virus : if an expression of dynamic type "touches" another expression then that other expression often also becomes of dynamic type. Today I want to describe one of the least...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Dynamic contagion, part one

    Suppose you're an epidemiologist modeling the potential spread of a highly infectious disease. The straightforward way to model such a series of unfortunate events is to assume that the population can be divided into three sets: the definitely infected...
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