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  • Blog Post: Live from New Orleans

    Just a quick note that Mads, Luke and I are going to be on Channel 9 Live from TechEd this afternoon talking about C#, F# and whatever else strikes our fancy. It's live video; anything can happen. Tune in to ; we're scheduled to be on at 3:30 PM Central Daylight Time. (There has been...
  • Blog Post: Many Happy Returns

    Happy birthday Channel Nine! In this episode I finally discover why it is that Charles picked me to be the guinea pig, and I wax verbose on the subject of human brains.
  • Blog Post: The Future of C#, Part Four: Yet More Video

    Mads, Chris, Sam and me on Channel Nine. Enjoy.
  • Blog Post: A Face Made For Email, Part Four

    Good heavens, this just keeps on happening to me. If you're interested in what we're musing about for future versions of C#, check out this video of Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Wiltamuth , Paul Vick , Mads Torgersen , Matt Warren , Jim Hugunin and, off in one corner, me. Working with this caliber of...
  • Blog Post: A Face Made For Email, Part Two

    One year ago this week I was the Channel Nine guinea pig -- I'm still not sure why, but for some reason The Scobelizer and his cohort chose me to be the first guy interviewed for their project. (Probably because I'm mostly harmless.) Channel Nine has succeeded tremendously, and I'm very pleased to have...
  • Blog Post: A Face Made For Email

    A few weeks ago, Charles Torre and The Scobelizer showed up in my office with a hand-held camera, asked me a bunch of random questions for a couple hours, edited the video into bite-sized chunks and slapped it up on the web . It's a blog, it’s a wiki, it’s a forum, it's a bunch...
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