In May we delivered a good Beta 2 for .NET Framework 3.0, Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office System. All work together (my main machine is now Windows Vista and Office 2007) just fine - with some niggles. But nothing major that has affected my productivity - which is good. Howevere there has been enough niggles for me to start looking fwd to the next CTP - and from their Release Candidates.

The good news is in June we got a new CTP of .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Vista.

June .NET Framework 3.0 represents a release candidate (RC2 infact) for Workflow Foundation which is great news. If Workflow is your primary interest then download the June CTP, SDK and also the RC2 Workflow Extensions Please note - June CTP is incompatible with Office Beta 2.

For the moment I have decided to stay with Beta 2 - in the main because it matches the conguration of most of our early adopters.

Check out a short post on some of the changes in Vista