I have not had a chance to blog much of late as I have been "on the road", firstly at SPA 2007 (which I really enjoyed) and then with a number of ISVs talking about a range of topcs - from Windows Server "Longhorn" to SQL Server 2005 BI with a smattering of VB6 migration in the middle. I am now on holiday and promised my wife I would stay away from all things remotely to do with work until the 17th. Which leaves you with a gaping void left by my absence :-) Actually it just means you can read more interesting blogs than mine - of which there are many. I will therefore leave you with the following two recommendations:

- My favourite blogger in my team - Mike http://mtaulty.com/communityserver/blogs/mike_taultys_blog/default.aspx. Mike is a real techie and a superbly helpful chap. (Real techie in this context means "he can figure stuff out that isn't in any manual")
- My favourite blogger who was previously in my team - Tim http://blogs.msdn.com/tims/ Tim is... just the same but alas now manages as well :-)

 Have a great Easter.