In chatting with colleagues today I realised a) we were confused and b) I appeared to be least confused - but not 100% certain. Given I know someone reading this will definitely know for sure - how about I just throw out my 90% certain answer and see if I am right :-) Thanks in advance!

  • Windows Web Server 2008 - not sure... but you can not choose Application Server Role, so I am guessing .NET Framework 2.0 and SP1
  • Windows Server 2008 - all other editions
    • Installed as "Core" - No .NET Framework installed.  Can not install .NET Framework.
    • Fresh normal install - .NET Framework 2.0 and SP1
    • Application Server Role selected -  .NET Framework 3.0 and SP1

Note that no versions will ship with .NET Framework 3.5 which will be shipping at about the same time as part of Visual Studio 2008. .NET Framework 3.5 will need to be installed separately on Windows Server 2008 - via Windows Update or some other mechanism.

Phew - obvious really :-)