Or to put it another way - my head is about to explode...

Ok - In real terms I  am on day 9 of my new role and my return to being a developer. I have learnt the following:

  • I am very much enjoying looking at code again
  • I am currently terrible at writing code (C# or Visual Basic)
  • We shipped a lot of new apis and improvements to the languages since .NET Framework 1.1 (somehow the delta never looked quite as big when I was mainly thinking architecture rather than code)
  • The world of development has massively moved on.
  • There is more quality information to help developers out there than ever before - blogs, videos, screencasts etc. I am grateful to all those content producers in the community.
  • Official documentation from MS is still very good - but it has gaps and far less samples than I would like.
  • I am falling for Visual Basic 2008 (and I speak as someone with a ; heritage - although I also did a lot with 4GLs)
  • Microsoft product groups are releasing APIs faster than I can discover they have released them :-)

How are you all doing?